The Lapped Traffic Podcast- Episode 7

February 1, 2017

Show #7 of the Lapped Traffic Podcast! Thank you to everyone that has followed us and listened! Over 550 Downloads of our show in our first month! We are truly humbled! Thank you!

*We accept the PETM guy’s challenge.

*Brandon's random trip to Vegas.

*Tony tells us about his trip this past week and talking with Richard Petty, Roger Penske, and Michael Waltrip.

*We break down sponsor issues for some big name drivers.

*We talk about drivers having to make appearances to potential wrap up deals so close to Daytona.

*Will shorter practice teams really condense the weekend at the track?

*Social media shout outs. Tony answers a fan's question about tires.

*Social media contest- Help us get to 500 followers on twitter by the Daytona 500 (@lappedtrafficpc) and we are giving away 10 autographs. Help us get to 500 followers on FB by the Daytona 500 (@thelappedtrafficpodcast) and we are giving away a different 10 autographs.  

*We confirm the week of our first guest.

*Updated Daytona entry list

*The Biff has surfaced

*Brandon can’t stop nitpicking and complains about the windshield changes.

*We preview next week, preseason picks and we continue to drop hints about our first guest.


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