The Lapped Traffic Podcast- Nascar

The Lapped Traffic Podcast- Episode 16

April 5, 2017

Show #16 of the Lapped Traffic Podcast

Thank you to everyone that has followed us and listened! Over 5000 Downloads of our show in just 15 shows! We are truly humbled! Thank you!

*Brandon had a little too much fun on Saturday night

*We break Martinsville for Cup & Truck

*We compare Truck racing v. Cup racing


*We break down Chase Elliott's truck win and truck race

*We break down Brad's win and talk about the happenings of the race

*The #17 with the move of the year


*Our usual social media stuff, along with our fantasy league.

*5th edition of the Crew Chief Corner

*How did Brandon's odds work out? 

Picks and more........

Thank you everyone who has listened to our show and shared our social media! Enjoy Texas!