The Lapped Traffic Podcast- Nascar

The Lapped Traffic Podcast- Episode 24 W/ Sherwin from @PETMPodcast

May 31, 2017

Show #24 of the Lapped Traffic Podcast! 

Thank you to everyone that has followed us and listened! Over 7900 Downloads of our show in just 23 shows! We are truly humbled! Thank you!

*Sherwin from our friends at the @PETMPodcast joins us to talk some racing!

*Sherwin tells us how PETM got started.


*We talk Monaco, Indy, and the weekend at Charlotte

*Usual social media plugs, shoutouts, and fantasy updates! 

*Lucky Dog segment 

*12th edition of the Crew Cheif Corner

*A special segement from PETM called Strange with Stange!! Thanks Ashley for the question!!

*PETM announces their next special guest!

*Professor's odds! & MORE!

 Thanks to Sherwin from @PETMPodcast for joining us!  Next week Michigan International Speedway comes on to talk about the upcoming race at MIS!